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Breaking Trail Berners

AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs Raised in the home with love.


Castagnoli Family's Breaking Trail Berners
Beautiful AKC Health Tested Bernese Mountain Dogs


In home, professional, small family Breeder, owned and loved by our

Bernese Mountain Dogs and in the business of loving our breed. 

We only raise Bernese, as this breed and the preservation and education of this

extraordinary breed is our true love and passion.


We are breeders of European import and champion line Bernese. 

Our dogs are selected for our breeding program based on

breed standard (conformation), temperament, longevity and health.


We are proud of our dogs- They are beautiful, loved and happy. They are part of our family and respected as so~

Bernese are a unique breed as many current and past Berner owners will vouch for. They have filled our lives and changed us for the better in so many ways... I cannot put in to words the strong connection between a Bernese Mountain Dog and their human companions. I always tell new Berner families "Well you're officially ruined for life in the best way possible" because once you've been owned and loved by a Berner, you'll never want to be without one. They have a way of becoming an extension of you, your family and the heart of your home. 

"I am a dedicated Berner owner for life"


All of our Bernese Health Screening Information is updated regularly to

and may be looked up under their registered names or BG#

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